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A Clear Vision of the Future

Arkansas SHRM 2021 HR Conference & Expo

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Program Details

Composed: The Heart and Science of Leading Under Pressure

Key Objectives

  • An increased capacity to recognize the high-pressure moments when they come and their tendencies and habits in those moments.
  • A recognition of their greatest strengths under pressure and the strategies that will help.


Based on his latest book, Dr. McKenna highlights the power of composure under pressure and the specific strategies you can use to be a better version of yourself when it matters most. This presentation is a roadmap for standing firmly in who we are while staying connected to those who matter most to us. Regardless of your role, none of us are immune to the possibility of losing it when the pressure is on.

Dr. Rob McKenna

WiLD Leaders - Whole + Intentional Leader Development

It is one thing to be inspired to intentionally develop the leaders around us, and another to put processes and systems in place to actually get it done. In this session, Dr. Rob McKenna will present a simple and scalable process for developing whole leaders. Based on over four decades of research on the developmental journey of leaders, McKenna and colleague, Dr. Daniel Hallak highlight the countercultural and wild paradigm of whole and intentional leader development – seeing leaders as whole people, never shying away from the mistakes that create opportunities to learn, and intentionally crossing the superficial boundaries between our work as leaders in our families, workplaces, and communities. Emerging leaders expect us to see them more quickly, and current leaders are begging for someone to help them invest in other leaders, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and move forward with intention and care.

Please Note: Speakers and topics are subject to change without notice.


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