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April 5-7

Hot Springs Convention Center

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Deliver Significance - In Simple Moments
by Jon Petz

Ever wanted to stand-out in your career? Build a personal brand that leads and inspires others? Or asked yourself about leaving a legacy? Organizations today want teams who are engaged, passionate, and purposeful in their work. They’re hungr…Read more »

Principles of Mindful Leadership
by Pandit Dasa

This presentation is inspired by Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” This presentation will encourage the audience to reflect on how they can become better leaders in whatever leadership role they are in…Read more »

Follow Me
by Steve Gilliland

Leadership is the single most important skill you can use to improve your business. FOLLOW ME explores how to grow yourself and your people through timeless principles that, when applied to your own life and the life of your organization, will inf…Read more »


Brains Business: Improvement At the Speed of Thought
by Joe Templin, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CAP

This seminar discusses the human factor in business, how brain and memory, including how predisposition can stop the conversation before it starts, how memory is fluid and therefore cannot be trusted. How to use your brain to effect positive change i…Read more »

Face-to-face Solutions: the Role of the State Attorney General and Your Role in HR Leadership
by Leslie Rutledge

Communication vs. Confidentiality Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how the role of the Arkansas State Attorney General affects what you do in HR on a day-to-day basis? Learn about pending, upcoming laws and issues that affect employers and empl…Read more »

Leading Through the Turn: How a Journey Mindset Can Help Leaders Find Success and Significance
by Elise Mitchell, APR, FELLOW PRSA

As leaders, we can be so determined to reach our goals we miss the ride of our lives along the way. If we can learn to merge destination leadership with a journey mindset – achieving success by focusing on things that bring greater fulfillment-…Read more »

Self-Aware Leadership
by Kathleen McComber, SHRM-SCP

Ignorant bliss, no matter how enjoyable, is still ignorant. If you are in a position of leadership and don’t feel you have any blind spots, you are either very naive or very arrogant. All leaders have blind spots. The question is what are you d…Read more »

The Employee Experience That Matters: Culture, Engagement, and Finally Seeing the ROI You Need.
by Autumn Manning

Most leaders have acknowledged the value of engaging employees, but if you’re not looking at employee engagement as a top business imperative, you should rethink your organizational strategy or major implications are ahead. This session will de…Read more »

by Cammie Scott, LUTCF, REBC, RHC, CLTC, SPHR and ChHC

Cammie will welcome conference attendees to Hot Springs and give a brief overview.…Read more »


A Leader's Guide to The Art of Successful Transition
by Cindy Christopher

Whether you recently received a promotion, started a new job at a different company or your own organization downsized or merged with another one, the first 90 days in your new role are critical to your success. This session will focus on strategies …Read more »

Are You Ready for the New Form I-9 and Employer Enforcement Updates?
by Sheila Moss, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

A new Form I-9 was released on November 14, 2016, and was mandated for use by January 22, 2017. There are some significant changes to be discussed especially for those using paper forms. There are also many expected changes in worksite enforcement. T…Read more »

Arkansas Legislative Updates
by Jeremy Hutchinson, JDTim Hutchinson, JD

It is always hard to determine or predict something in the future in an accurate manner. However, on the basis of development of jurisprudence, legislation filed in the Arkansas General Assembly, and emerging trends, it can be conjured that some broa…Read more »

Ask An Attorney Panel
by Kathleen McComber, SHRM-SCPAmber Wilson BagleyCindy KolbJess Sweere

This open forum panel will provide details on recent legislation or agency actions and trends affecting employers. The floor will be open for audience participation with question and answers regarding the subjects. Learning Objectives: Comply wit…Read more »

Ask an Attorney Panel: Your HR Leadership Challenge - the Impact of Medical Marijuana in the Workplace
by Tim Orellano, PHRH Wayne Young, J.D.William Stuart JacksonRichard A. “Rick” Roderick

With recent changes to medical marijuana laws in Arkansas, come many questions regarding the effect on the workplace. This open forum panel will provide details on the recent changes and will discuss the ramifications for employers. The floor will be…Read more »

Best Places to Work in Arkansas; Not Just an Award, a Way of Impacting Business Results
by Mitch BettisRichard CooperGina Smith

“Best Places to Work” programs result in significant organizational benefits for all who participate. When an organization appears on the “Best Places to Work” list, management, employees, and other stakeholders feel an overwh…Read more »

Brains Business: Improvement At the Speed of Thought (Breakout)
by Joe Templin, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CAP

his breakout session is designed to further explore improvement at the speed of thought, and allow questions and answers beyond the keynote presentation. This seminar discusses the human factor in business, how brain and memory, including how predis…Read more »

Employee Leaves of Absence: Essential Rules for Benefits Administration
by Andrew Malahowski

This presentation will focus on seven key issues that impact medical benefits during an employee leave of absence: (1) the importance of written plan terms; (2) FMLA; (3) USERRA; (4) other types of leave; (5) COBRA rights; (6) employer shared respons…Read more »

ERISA Compliance: Surviving a DOL Audit
by Carolyn McNairy

This session will cover a number of critical issues for all size employers and the impact of non-compliance with ERISA. Items to be covered include: What is ERISA? Who must abide by ERISA? What does ERISA regulate? Definition of Welfare Benefit Plans…Read more »

Field Presence Leadership
by Wes Booker

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to Get Off the Bench and Get In the Game with greater success than others? How is it that they can Look the Part so convincingly that you just know they Know What they Are Doing? Wes Booker has made a c…Read more »

HR Leaders as Consultants
by Travis McNeal

Based off Peter Block’s seminal book on consulting, the presentation aims to fine tune key skills needed for HR to be more effective with our customers or “clients.” One of SHRM’s behavioral competencies, consultation is on th…Read more »

Labor Relations Update - Recent Developments by NLRB and DOL
by J. Bruce Cross

Presentation will include updates pertaining to new or revised rules under the NLRB and DOL, such as the FLSA overtime rule, DOL’s Persuader Rule, and the NLRB’s continuous attacks on employee handbook language and policies. Learning Obj…Read more »

Letting Culture Lead
by Gina MillerSheerah Davis

Culture is more than a buzzword. It is a dynamic force that differentiates one company from another in a highly competitive marketplace. Leaders must recognize this collective culmination of the unique elements of the workforce is ever-changing. A co…Read more »

LGBTQ Compliance Update
by Michelle Kaemmerling

Michelle Kaemmerling speaks frequently on this topic, providing an overview of recent court and agency decisions involving legal questions that affect the LGBT (or LGBTQ) community, including questions not yet decided by the Supreme Court. Ms. Kaemme…Read more »

Mindfulness for Stress Management and Work-life Balance
by Pandit Dasa

This breakout session is designed to further explore mindful leadership, and allow questions and answers beyond the keynote presentation. For individuals working in a fast-paced and demanding environment, this workshop will provide simple techniques…Read more »

The "Privilege" of Doing Business with the Federal Government: A Review of OFCCP's Initiatives Under President Obama
by Abtin Mehdizadegan

This presentation will provide a review of the OFCCP’s major changes during President Obama’s administration, including: affirmative action requirements for individuals with disabilities and protected veterans; non-discrimination based on…Read more »

The Millennial-Majority Workplace: Ready or Not
by Judith Tavano, LERN-CPP, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

The spring of 2015 marked the first time the Millennials pulled in front of the Boomers to be assume the position as the largest generation in the workplace. By 2025, three out of every four workers will be a Millennial, and if you are any generation…Read more »

The Strategic Imperative of Managing a Compliant Retirement Plan for your Organization
by Kelly Majdan

Offering a retirement plan is a great benefit that can help recruit and retain employees, but making sure the plan is managed so that the organization and you stay compliant is very important. Knowing what is required in the eyes of the DOL will help…Read more »

Workplace Safety Primer
by Neemah EsmaeilpourJohn Davis

In this session, WLJ attorney Neemah Esmaeilpour will address common issues that employers face when dealing with workplace safety. The obligations imposed by government agencies such as OSHA and the Workers’ Compensation Commission have an imp…Read more »

Your Career Legacy: The Leader You Are Meant to Be
by Sheila Pierson

Be purposeful about the person you are in your chosen profession. Be the leader you were meant to be. Learning Objectives: Embrace life-long learning Invest in leadership skills building Reach goals you had not thought to set …Read more »