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Taking You HigheR

Arkansas SHRM 2022 HR Conference & Expo • October 24-26 • Hot Springs, Arkansas

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Program Details

HigheR & HigheR: Creating an Outstanding Coaching Culture

How high can you go? According to the Human Capital Institute, organizations with strong coaching cultures are more than 2 times more likely to be a high-performing organization than their counterparts. Other research shows that great managers can actually get 110% or more from their motivated employees! Seriously! In real time, we’re gonna coach you to coach your teams to peak performance! Let’s do this! Get ready to go big!

Key Objectives: 

  • Discover the key things holding your employees back from reaching peak performance 
  • Learn essential coaching tools to empower your people beyond what they think their capabilities are 
  • Find out the secrets to delivering a wow culture to your organization that produces extraordinary results

Jim Lopata, MTS, PCC

VP of Coaching Super Vision at AceUp

James Lopata, MTS, PCC, VP of Coaching Super Vision at AceUp, is an executive leadership coach and EMCC-accredited Coach Supervisor. He’s helped elevate the performance of executives at Facebook, IBM, Sanofi, Tesla, GE, and many startups, including LovePop. His 30-plus years of corporate experience include roles as an executive on Wall Street (Citibank, Bear Stearns), in digital consulting (Razorfish), and in the entertainment industry (Grammy member). He is a motivational speaker, an author of two books on leadership, an award-winning writer (, New York Times, Boston Globe), and has an essay on the business case for coaching supervision to be published in a forthcoming Routledge book. He’s an official business coach for the City of Boston, a judge and mentor for MassChallenge, and serves as Board President of the Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce. He holds degrees from Miami University (Ohio) and Harvard University. He’s a Fellow at Harvard’s Institute of Coaching. Even with all that, nothing quite excites him more than his Zen meditation practice.

Please Note: Speakers and topics are subject to change without notice.

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