A Clear Vision of the FutureArkansas SHRM 2020 HR Conference & Expo • April 1-3 • Rogers, Arkansas

A Clear Vision of the Future

Arkansas SHRM 2021 HR Conference & Expo

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Program Details

How Successful People Think

Key Objectives

  • Unleash the potential of focused thinking
  • Discover the 4 P’s to fuel your thinking
  • Adopt successful thinking habits to think your way through any challenge
  • Develop winning thinking skills to perform at your highest potential


There’s so much power in your thinking. What’s at stake if you don't harness its power is even greater than you might imagine: You stay stuck in old thinking patterns and miss out on productive thoughts that drive strategy, possibilities, creativity, realism, focus, and success in your life. Your thinking is one of your most valuable assets. Invest in it to watch it grow. You have the right capacity; you just need the right direction. You see, thinking well leads to living well. It’s not rocket science, but it takes intention and proven wisdom to set your thinking on the right course. Thinking well is one of the most important practices you can use to see immediate and long-lasting results in your life. You can’t risk bad thinking in your leadership journey.

Valerie Zumwalt

Valerie Zumwalt believes in and works with human potential. Valerie helps people and organizations unlock their greatness and coaches them to grow from their effort. As a successful entrepreneur, Valerie is a tested business leader and has earned the respect of the top leaders in our community. She has created a reputation for growing businesses by growing people and creating cultures that perform across the top, middle, and bottom line to create long-range impact.

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Date: Thu, April 02, 2020 | 2:30-3:45 pm

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Location: Ambassador B

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