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Arkansas SHRM 2024 HR Conference & Expo • October 21-23 • Hot Springs, Arkansas

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Julie McAllaster

Director, Business and Industry Training

Julie McAllaster is the Director at Business and Industry Training, a nonprofit organization with locations in Springdale and Gentry that has been offering short term, hands on training to Industry and High School Students for over 26 years. Prior to working at Business and Industry Training, she worked at Walmart / Sam’s Club for over 23 years and was responsible for the Membership Renewal Program. Julie Has over 27 years’ experience in Strategic Planning, Business Development, Brand Management and Project Management. Specialties: Campaign Development, Project Management, Collaboration, Marketing, Product Launches, Relationship Management, Strategy Development. Julie is an Ambassador at the Rogers-Lowell and Siloam Springs Chamber of Commerce, Small business Council Member at Rogers-Lowell Chamber of Commerce, and NOARK Workforce Readiness Chair.

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