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Arkansas SHRM 2022 HR Conference & Expo • October 24-26 • Hot Springs, Arkansas

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Program Details

Strategic Readiness and Strategic Expenditures

The Strategic Readiness and Strategic Expenditures (StratEx) examine the contractual role that Human Resources play in an organization. The workshop is designed to show leaders how to practically align talent to a strategic plan, augment technology to enhance talent, integrate culture into the strategy, and financially resource talent development, strategic projects, and even compensation. The workshop is also designed to show leaders how to measure the three types of intangible assets: Human Capital (HC), Technology Capital (TC), and Organization Capital (OC). 

Key Objectives:

  • Align people, technology, and culture to a strategic plan. 
  • Evaluate a strategy and identify the necessary strategic competencies and behaviors to advance a strategic plan. 
  • Gain a deeper knowledge of StratEx.


Dr. Mario Wallace, Ph.D.

Founder at All Things Strategic

Dr. Mario D. Wallace, the founder of the All Things Strategic, has more than 20 years of small business consulting experience and 11 years of healthcare consulting experience. He has considerable expertise in the areas of process improvement, change management, leadership development, medical education, program instructional development, strategic management. Recently, he published the books Strategy Is Spelled ADEM, the Unstoppable Leader, Strategy Management, DIVOC, and the Executive Performance Journal. 

Dr. Wallace earned his bachelor's degrees in International Language and Rhetoric and Writing and his master's degree in Education from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He earned his doctoral degree from Walden University in Business Administration Leadership. He has certifications in the Balanced Scorecard from the Palladium Group, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from Villanova University, Change Management from PROSCI, Emotional Intelligence from the Hay Group, Communication from the Wiley Everything DiSC Workplace, and Facilitation from Development Dimension International (DDI). Dr. Wallace also earned his COVID-19 Contract Tracing Certificate from Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Wallace is currently the Principal Strategy Consultant at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. 

Please Note: Speakers and topics are subject to change without notice.

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