A Clear Vision of the FutureArkansas SHRM 2020 HR Conference & Expo • April 1-3 • Rogers, Arkansas

A Clear Vision of the Future

Arkansas SHRM 2021 HR Conference & Expo

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Stressing your Sevenfold Happiness

Key Objectives

  • Stress is not good or bad
  • Know Your Strength Values
  • Maintain Positive Outlook


Stress is an inevitable part of work, life, and relationships, but is it good or bad for us?  I can’t stress enough how your attitude toward stress impacts your happiness. You do not have to choose between happiness and high achievements in work and life.  You can leverage stress to your happiness advantage. In this workshop you will explore positive psychology techniques that help build resilience to stress and can increase your overall happiness.

Felicia Johnson

Founder at Sevenfold Coaching

Felicia means happy, yet Felicia Miller Johnson was impacted by work-life stress and impostor syndrome. Seeking a solution, she discovered and applied holistic principles that helped her transform into a powerhouse queen who is happier and works better as a wife, mother, business owner, and friend –sevenfold.

Her personal and professional experiences led her to become a Transformation Life Coach and the founder of Sevenfold Coaching. She is inspired to help women overcome self doubt, be happier, and work better by achieving their annual goals with the aid of self assessments and masterclasses.

Many employees are feeling overwhelmed by stress and Gen X workers are considered the "forgotten generation". She helps organizations work better by assessing and conducting transformation workshops that improve employee engagement.

She believes “Investing in yourself leads to success.” Felicia is also a speaker and author of the book, Do You Feel Like a Fraud? A certified life coach’s guide to help you recognize and overcome impostor syndrome.

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Date: Wed, April 01, 2020 | 8:00-9:15 am

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