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Arkansas SHRM 2022 HR Conference & Expo • October 24-26 • Hot Springs, Arkansas

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You've Got THIS: Resilience for Today's Workforce

We all became more 'Resilient', now what? How do we use that new strength for future success! Best-selling Author, Nina Sossamon-Pogue, a former USA Gymnast, Emmy-winning News Anchor, and Tech Executive, shows us how we each react to change and shares strategies to keep ‘adversity of all sizes’ from sidetracking our work and our life. Data shows our workforce is struggling with mental health and uncertainty post-pandemic. Using her own story as a backdrop, Nina shares how each person’s ability to adapt in positive way to changes during this uncertain time, will be the key to success. You may think Nina’s proven framework is pretty C.O.O.L.

Nina Sossamon-Pogue

A member of the USA Gymnastics team, who became an Emmy award-winning News Anchor, and then a Tech Executive, Nina is known for reinventing her life and creating success at the highest levels. Each career change stemmed from a devastating low. Sharing her gripping story from reporting the headlines to becoming the headlines, Nina takes audiences to the intersection of personal and professional resilience and empowers them to create their own success. 

A world class presenter, Nina uses her own story as a backdrop and the word ‘THIS’ to represent adversity, then expertly blends big data, current events, and brain science research, into an energetic multi-media stage performance that audiences remember long after she leaves the stage.

Please Note: Speakers and topics are subject to change without notice.

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