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Arkansas SHRM 2023 HR Conference & Expo • October 18-20 • Fort Smith, Arkansas

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Sessions, Programs & Keynotes


Navigating the Future of Work
by Steve Cadigan

The modern workplace has experienced a radical transformation over the past 30 years. There are many forces that have driven this transformation, and today we find ourselves faced with the new reality that we have the most fluid and disengaged workfo…Read more »

The Trust Issue and You...Navigating Next Steps
by Linda Clark, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, CDTLF

Sometimes we’re trapped in the overwhelming amount of data and information while we try to decide and then no decision is made. Perhaps we’re thinking about the last time we made a similar decision, and it did not go well. Maybe it feels …Read more »


Attorney Panel - Legal Update

This legal update is intended to inform Arkansas' HR community of recent changes in the law and highlight litigation of which employers need to be aware.  In addition, the panel of attorneys will also discuss interpretations of existing laws and…Read more »

Building Ethical Organizations With Inclusion Leadership

Employees come to their workplace with a set of morals, values, and perspectives. Many organizations treat ethics training as a one-time event, often limiting it to the onboarding process. Most companies address ethics, by adopting a code of conduct.…Read more »

Employers Widening Pathways to Work by Addressing Barriers in Their Own Backyard

Barriers to work can most easily be addressed, and how can employers work to address them? SHRM Foundation, in partnership with ARSHRM, the Arkansas Chamber of Commerce, Arkansas’s Department of Education, and collaborators in five Arkansas com…Read more »

Importance of Culture and Engagement in a Post Pandemic World

This moderated discussion emphasizes the crucial role of culture and engagement in companies from a CEO and CHRO perspective. Highlighting and fostering a positive workplace culture and promoting employee engagement are essential for maintaining prod…Read more »


7 Secrets to Navigate Your Career Trajectory
by Heidi Hartman, SHRM-SCP MHR SPHR

We all want to have purpose and grow in our career, and may not know the best path to getting there-- either for the leaders in the organizations we serve, or for ourselves.  Heidi Hartman has interviewed over 50 Women Leaders from 26-93 years o…Read more »

7 Things to Know Today about Medical Marijuana
by Stuart Jackson

In this session, I will address several things, including the usage of medical marijuana in Arkansas, the basic rules that are currently in place to protect employers under Act 593 of 2017, and the status of litigation that calls into question the va…Read more »

AI in HR: What Employers Need to Know
by Thomas Carnahan

This presentation will discuss emerging trends as they relate to AI in recruiting, current and future regulations, and the automation of certain human-centric processes. Dr. Carnahan will explore how AI might impact accommodations for Individuals wit…Read more »

Are You Ready to Navigate the Future of Your Talent
by Cassie Hartaway, SHRM-CP, ACCGrady McCorkle, MBA, CISSP, PMP

Talent retention requires a multifaceted approach to be successful. In this session, we will discuss how Arkansas Blue Cross & Blue Shield addresses talent retention.…Read more »

Braving Trust
by Linda Clark, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, CDTLF

Let’s apply Step 3 of the Courage Equation in Brene Brown’s work, Dare to Lead, with Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator, Linda Clark. We’ll dig into the BRAVING inventory and how we use this to diagnose trust issues in ourself, in 1…Read more »

Cheerleading from Quicksand: How to Change Everything without Changing Everything
by Lyndi Zavy, M.A., PHR

The early 2020s disrupted the foundation under everyone, especially HR professionals. The last three years have brought rebuilding and a renewed focus, but our job continues to be cheerleading from quicksand: lifting up others while our own foundatio…Read more »

Conducting Workplace Investigations - Essential Tenets and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
by Pamela Carroll

Do you conduct workplace investigations or need to expand your skillset when conducting workplace investigations? If so, attend this session focusing on ten proven practices for conducting successful workplace investigations. This session will provid…Read more »

Creating A Balanced Strategy For Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
by Cinthya Allen, Creating A Balanced Strategy For Diversity, Equity

Forbes magazine has consistently named Arvest a Best Bank for Diversity and a Best Employer. Looking ahead, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will continue to play pivotal roles in an organization’s long-range success. Learn from Arvest DEI Offic…Read more »

Discipline & Termination: the Movie
by Tim Orellano, PHR

Do you put off handling difficult discipline discussions? Have you ever “had enough” and said “you're fired”. The discipline process is like a movie; with staging, actors, props, rehearsal, scripts and you are the star. This p…Read more »

EEOC Update
by Edmond Sims

The presentation gives the audience an overview of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It will provide an overview of the current priorities and initiatives that guides the direction of the agency. In addition, it will highlight new trends a…Read more »

Emotional Intelligence and Cross-Cultural Leadership
by Brian Sorensen

Business is becoming more and more global each day. Whether it's multi-national corporations or multiple nationalities inside a single small business, dealing effectively with other cultures is a necessary component of modern leadership. Savvy leader…Read more »

FMLA/State Leave/Leave of Absence
by Carrie Stout

Attend this session to get up-to-date information of the current state of FMLA, State(s) Leave (Paid & Unpaid).…Read more »

Get Ready! The Generational Landscape is Changing
by Judith Tavano, SHRM-SCP

What? We are still worrying about the generations in the workplace? You bet we are! Now - and for the future. The winter, 2023 edition of HR Magazine listed “New Generations will TakeOver” as the Number 1 concern looking forward to 2030. …Read more »

GET…LIVE Comprehensive De-Escalation Seminar
by Tim Keck

As stress, anger and conflict increase in our society, physical violence is becoming an ever more acceptable answer to problems. Very few people learn how to successfully navigate these stormy seas. Drawing on expertise from fields as diverse as psyc…Read more »

Getting Gen Z at Work
by Bethany Wallace

Attracting, recruiting, onboarding, and managing Gen Z employees proves difficult for many of us. This session helps human resources leaders gain insight into Gen Z candidates and employees and helps HR leaders better connect with Gen Z. This can res…Read more »

Gratitude: The Unorthodox Key to Improving Soft Skills
by Bethany Wallace

When soft skills are lacking in the workplace, morale plummets, and retention becomes a major concern. Consultant and author Bethany Wallace proposes that the solution to improving communication, preventing conflict, and retaining top talent lies in …Read more »

Let's Have an Argument
by Paige Oxendine

Arguments have gotten a bad rap. It’s time we give teams the tools needed to reframe arguments, use them in a healthy way, and reap the benefits. This session provides participants with an understanding of what makes a great argument and the im…Read more »

Navigating the Future of I-9s
by Sheila Moss

Big news!!! It's finally here.  The newest version of the Form I-9 is ready to go, and comes with many changes.  There is so much to navigate for the future of this document, and now we can discuss the long awaited "remote document verifica…Read more »

Navigating the Future of Total Rewards: Adapting to Evolving Compensation Trends
by Michele Burns, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CCP, CBP, GRPCliff Sandsmark, CCP, CSCP, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

This presentation reviews aspects of compensation and total rewards in the workplace and addresses how organizations can stay competitive and attract top talent in an ever-changing business landscape. …Read more »

Navigating the Loss of Institutional Knowledge
by Beth PittmanChristie Martin, PHR

This session will feature a panel of subject matter experts discussing how companies are handling the loss of institutional knowledge within their organizations. Beth Pittman or Christie Martin will develop the questions,find the SME and facilitate t…Read more »

Strategic Partners, not Police Officers: Building Credibility as an HR Professional
by Matt Johnson

For years HR Professionals have championed the need to have a "seat at the table." However, for many HR Professionals they are still often seen as the people police or their organization's principal's office. This talk highlights building credibility…Read more »

Tackling Unconscious Bias
by Kimberley Gordon, Kimberley Gordon, EdD, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

Participants will journey alongside Dr. Gordon as she discusses the business case for an inclusive culture. Dr G highlights the importance of growing a mindset of obligation rather than one of entitlement. Dr G reviews EEOC headlines, census data, an…Read more »

Tech Talent Transformation: Optimizing Candidate Experience, Building IT Talent, and Maximizing Retention within Budget
by Ashley French

· Meet job seekers where they are today and development for the right position · Dept of Labor Funds available for training · How developing can improve DEI hiring; How your degree requirement hurts your DEI recruitment. · Growing your own talent…Read more »

The Future of HR, More Strategy-Less Service
by Kyle Killingsworth, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, CEC

How can your HR team increase their value in your organization? By thinking Strategy first and Service second! The HR Service Mindset is being replaced by the HR Strategic Mindset that delivers significantly more value to the organization. This strat…Read more »

The People We Need And Need To Be
by Phillip McClure, Th.D., M.Th.

In 2015, a service trip to Guatemala became genuinely dangerous to my family. Throughout that journey, people partnered with us and served our family in many ways. My talk tells that captivating and illustrative story, making applications to the part…Read more »

The Self-Leadership Blueprint: Building a Balanced Life
by Kendall Ross, LSSMBB

The presentation discusses the importance of self-leadership and self-care in maintaining mental well-being at work. It highlights how working longer hours can affect personal and professional life. It outlines the impact of stress on the body, mind,…Read more »

Trends in Behavioral Health and the Workplace
by Liz Gallus

Liz will talk about the current state of mental health, how it is impacting employees and the resultant impact on employers. What factors are at play in preventing individuals from seeking care and how employers can help foster an environment conduci…Read more »

Troublesome Terms – Top 10 Practical Steps to Safe Terminations
by Tim Keck

Who hasn’t experienced a level of fear during a termination interview? If you haven’t yet, you probably will. But what to do about it? How do you keep yourself and your people safe? Who should attend: Anyone with responsibility for managi…Read more »

Whiteboard Session: What's Truly Driving the Cost of Your Health Plan
by David Ross

Eye-opening and strongly contrary to conventional wisdom, this foundational seminar establishes the critical thinking necessary to effectively manage a health plan. This seminar is for plan sponsors that are serious about optimizing recruitment and r…Read more »

Win with Executive Thought Partners
by Onika Williams, Associate Certified Coach from International Coach

Executive coaching is an inquiry-based approach to professional development that aims to raise self-awareness, motivate action, and facilitate learning and growth. It is a powerful tool because it focuses on helping leaders create new and maintain he…Read more »

Workforce Readiness - Are you Ready?
by Shayne King, PHR, SHRM-SCP, IPMA-SCP

As HR professionals we all want to help our workforce be prepared to success in today’s workplace.  This presentation will discuss multiple aspects of Workforce Readiness, how to prepare, where to find resources and what being workforce re…Read more »

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