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Arkansas SHRM 2024 HR Conference & Expo • October 21-23 • Hot Springs, Arkansas

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Sessions, Programs & Keynotes


Why You Should Strive to Make Your Organization a Great Place to Work and Great Place to Be From
by John Ferguson

Join this dynamic session as John will discuss and highlight the following areas that are imperative to organizational growth and efficiency: • What makes a company a great place to work and a great place to be from • Understanding multiple…Read more »

From Traditional to Transformational: Disrupting HR to Thrive in the New Era of Work
by Jennifer McClure

The future of work has been disrupted, not only regarding long-standing trends but also by the unforeseen seismic shifts of 2020. HR leaders were thrust into a global experiment, requiring a complete reimagining of people, technology, culture, and le…Read more »


Attorney Panel - Ethics Discussion

Conflicts of interest, confidentiality, duty of loyalty, whistleblowing, and potentially illegal instructions from leadership – these are a few of the critical ethical issues that human resource professionals confront in their jobs.  The e…Read more »

Creating Generational Impact

Like most of the United States, Arkansas needs a much stronger and inclusive workforce development system to effectively serve workers in need of skill enhancement, who are employed, underemployed and unemployed.  This system must also have a st…Read more »

Managing the Game of Business

In this session, Tim Orellano will facilitate a fireside chat with Quinn Grovey, one of the winningest quarterbacks in Arkansas Razorback history.  They will discuss how Quinn translated success on the football field to a successful career in HR…Read more »

Socially Intelligent Leadership: Can You Read the Room?

Understanding our preferred modes of behavior is essential, yet without self-awareness, we may overlook how our actions impact others. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery, and see how the things we learn about ourselves give us the tools to R…Read more »


Accommodations in the Workplace: More Than Just Disabilities
by Daveante Jones

In this session, Daveante Jones of Wright Lindsey Jennings Labor & Employment law team will discuss the duty to accommodate your employees under a variety of laws for a variety of reasons, including the accommodation of disabilities, sincerely-he…Read more »

Alice @Work...
by Abby Hughes HolsclawMollie Palmer

ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) is the essential workforce we rely on every day. These workers are critical to keep our businesses, our economy, and our households running, yet they do not earn enough to afford their family’…Read more »

Unlocking Wellbeing: 5 Strategies to Enhancing Employee Mental Health
by Michael Dickerson

Discover the key strategies and insights that empower your organization to create a positive and thriving workplace environment. We will delve into the importance of employee mental health, explore practical approaches to wellbeing, and discuss how t…Read more »

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