A Clear Vision of the Future Arkansas SHRM 2020 HR Conference & Expo • October 13-15 • Rogers, Arkansas

A Clear Vision of the Future

Arkansas SHRM 2020 HR Conference & Expo • October 13-15 • Rogers, Arkansas

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Vision of the Future of HR
by Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., SHRM-CP

TBA…Read more »

Composed: The Heart and Science of Leading Under Pressure
by Dr. Rob McKenna

Key Objectives An increased capacity to recognize the high-pressure moments when they come and their tendencies and habits in those moments. A recognition of their greatest strengths under pressure and the strategies that will help. Su…Read more »

Why Can't Everybody Just Get Along?!
by Christine Cashen

Key Points Information Coming Soon. Summary With her incredibly humorous and relatable style, Christine gives you the tools to identify, understand and approach conflict creatively. Your audience will discover the secrets to defuse anyone in…Read more »


General Session Lunch — From Fear to Fierce: Actionable Feedback to Use Today

Key Objectives Discuss navigation of feedback conversations from an outcome perspective. Identifying resistance and offering support to move through the point of resistance and into change. Understanding how personal, relationship and identi…Read more »

How to Maintain High-Touch Relationships in High-Tech Times

Key Objectives Information Coming Soon. Summary From Facebook to email and texting, technology has taken over as the primary means of communication. Yet conversations are still a crucial part of relationship-building, both professionally and…Read more »

The Future of Work and Workforce Designs

Key Objectives Explore best practices for HR leaders navigating a workplace where humans and technology work collaboratively. Ensuring that valuable human capital is retained to preserve the integrity of the organization. Expand their und…Read more »

Workplace Violence Panel

Very frequently we hear new stories about violence happening in the workplace and often the violence includes the Human Resource office. We’ve often heard presentations on preparing for a workplace violence incidence, but this session will have…Read more »


#UsToo: How #MeToo Has Changed the HR Landscape
by Cynthia KolbAmber BagleyMissy Duke

Key Objectives Identify unlawful harassment in the workplace and understand legal obligations of employers. Analyze best policies, practices, and communications to mitigate risk to the company. Implement proactive steps to enable your com…Read more »

Are You Who You Say You Are: How Recruiting & Onboarding Affects your Employer Brand
by Chris Nichols

Key Objectives This presentation will enhance your ability to analyze your candidate experience through a detailed look at progressive solutions and analysis techniques. The onboarding experience for many new employees is the difference betw…Read more »

Bringing Your Compensation Plan Into Focus
by Angelique O’Bryan, MBA, SPHRKayla Thomas, SHRMSCP, MSStephanie Cumley, PHR, SHRM-CP

Presentation Description With more and more states enacting pay history bans, a heightened focus on equal pay for equal work, and the labor market becoming increasingly more competitive, it is more critical than ever for employers t…Read more »

Building a Better Way Forward

Key Objectives Understand common behaviors that become the norm in organizations, inhibiting growth and innovation. Self-identify areas of opportunities and an action plan for moving forward. Create opportunities for challenging conversat…Read more »

Building the Talent Pipeline- NWA and Beyond
by Joe Rollins

Key Objectives Participants who attend this session will be able to: Gain insight into Northwest Arkansas’ collective workforce needs both currently, and through the next decade. Learn about our current collective efforts in Northwe…Read more »

Change Management: Hows That Working For You?
by MeLisa Rogers, PhD, SHRM-SCP, CPBA

Sponsored by: Consolidated Admin Services

Key Objectives Session Objectives as it relates to Developing/Implementing a change management strategy addressing a specific organizational need. By the end of the session participants will be able to: Utilize the P.E.S.T. Factors Model to …Read more »

Creating Champions of Change
by Charles Fields

Key Objectives Defining and Making a Decision for Change Preparing and Planning for Change Change Initiation Measuring, Adjusting, and Sharing Success Summary Have you ever been terrified of implementing a change? The idea of …Read more »

Go BIG or Go Home: Leverage Influence & Build a Killer Power Base to LEVERAGE YOUR IMPACT
by Heidi Hartman

Key Objectives How to influence without formal authority 8 Key ways to enhance your ability to engage and influence others Action plan on how to utilize the 8 keys within your organization Current Powerbase vs. The one you need S…Read more »

How Successful People Think
by Valerie Zumwalt

Key Objectives Unleash the potential of focused thinking Discover the 4 P’s to fuel your thinking Adopt successful thinking habits to think your way through any challenge Develop winning thinking skills to perform at your highest…Read more »

HR is Not a People Business! Shifting our Paradigm Toward Business
by Janie Warner, MS-HRM, SHRM-SCP

Key Objectives Explore the business functions of human resources that are more accurately attributed to managing risk. Examine ways to shift the thinking of the corporate office from HR as a people business to HR as a risk management functio…Read more »

Legislative & Labor Relations Update: Where We've Been & Where We're Going
by J. Bruce Cross

Key Objectives Recognize the impact of the NLRB and recent decisions of the NLRB plan. Plan a strategy for implementation of necessary changes. Identify those areas necessitating training and education for Supervisors/Managers. Summ…Read more »

Medical Marijuana in Arkansas: Coming into Focus
by Stuart Jackson

Key Objectives Understanding the medical marijuana laws in Arkansas. The need for policies and designations of safety-sensitive jobs. The other state and federal laws that might come into play with a medical marijuana situation.  …Read more »

Mental Health in the Workplace
by Maggie Young

Key Objectives The cost of mental health in the workplace, Understanding the difference between wellbeing, mental health and mental illness, Workplace strategies for mental health. Summary This session will explore the issues tha…Read more »

MICROAGGRESSSIONS: Matching Your Values to Your Actions
by Elecia Smith, Ed.D., PHR, SHRM-CP

Key Objectives Participants will leave with: Further clarification and understanding about microaggressions; Strategies and tools to counter microaggressions; Insights and personal strategies to help guide further reflection. Sum…Read more »

Negligent Hiring and Negligent Retention Claims – Is a Clairvoyant’s Vision Required?
by H. Wayne Young, J.D.

Key Objectives Learn the legal elements and types of proof required for negligent hiring, negligent retention and negligent supervision claims in order to manage against exposure to such claims. Also learn the distinction of vicarious liability…Read more »

Putting Sense into Incentives
by Katie O'Neill

Key Objectives To understand how employee well-being impacts productivity, retention, and morale. Ideas for increasing engagement in wellness programs. Understanding the culture and framework required to help incentives be more impactful.…Read more »

SECURE Act - Impact to Retirement Plans
by Bryant Cranford

Key Objectives Evaluate changes in the law Learn about the effective dates/timing for these changes Discuss possible needs to adopt new procedures to comply with SECURE Act Summary This presentation will review the SECURE Act and…Read more »

Seeing the Way to Effective Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Military-connected Individuals
by Judith Tavano, LERN-CPP, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

Key Objectives State a business case for hiring military-connected individuals specific to their organizations; Identify what makes a military-connected individual unique and valuable; Consider a plan for effective recruiting, hiring, and…Read more »

Stressing your Sevenfold Happiness
by Felicia Johnson

Key Objectives Stress is not good or bad Know Your Strength Values Maintain Positive Outlook Summary Stress is an inevitable part of work, life, and relationships, but is it good or bad for us?  I can’t stress enough h…Read more »

The Art of Awkward
by Kristi Spaethe

Key Objectives Increased awareness around personal triggers of discomfort Development of a process to use in these encounters Added tools to the "Awkward Toolbox" Focus on Awkward on Purpose Summary As HR Professionals and lea…Read more »

The Compassion Effect: Engage Differently for Breakthrough Results in 2020
by Nate Regier, PhD

Key Objectives Understand the human and economic cost of workplace drama, negativity, and conflict. List the five misconceptions of compassion that might be holding you back. Describe The Compassion Mindset and how you can use it to engag…Read more »

The Fourth Wave: The Future of Work, Engagement, Well-Being & Inclusion
by Devin Hughes

Key Objectives Review the prevalence and cost of poor employee well-being and unhealthy culture. Understand how Positive Psychology and Social-Emotional Intelligence impacts employee performance and organizational health. Learn key strate…Read more »

Wage and Hour Pitfalls: Common Mistakes that Lead to Litigation
by Jane Kim

Key Objectives An overview of litigation trends in FLSA cases. Wage and hour mistakes that often lead to litigation, including overtime violations. Best practices for compliance. Summary Wage and hour mistakes under the Fair Labo…Read more »

WiLD Leaders: Whole + Intentional Leader Development
by Dr. Rob McKenna

Key Objectives Information Coming Soon. Summary It is one thing to be inspired to intentionally develop the leaders around us, and another to put processes and systems in place to actually get it done. In this session, Dr. Rob McKenna and Dr…Read more »


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