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Taking You HigheR

Arkansas SHRM 2022 HR Conference & Expo • October 24-26 • Hot Springs, Arkansas

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Sessions, Programs & Keynotes


Taking You HigheR: Think Like An Executive HR Brand
by Pam Green, MBA, SPHR, PCC, ICC

As the leader of a major business function, the HR leader must demonstrate business acumen and respond appropriately to the ever-changing business climate. This energetic keynote and deeper dive focus on the critical areas requiring HR leadership and…Read more »

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The Best Practices & Pitfalls of Diversity
by Leslie Coleman

 Recently, companies all across the country have decided to investigate and reexamine any policies aimed at rectifying inequities within their organizations.  Several companies are doing what they can to establish a sense of belonging for a…Read more »

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HigheR & HigheR: Creating an Outstanding Coaching Culture
by Jim Lopata, MTS, PCC

How high can you go? According to the Human Capital Institute, organizations with strong coaching cultures are more than 2 times more likely to be a high-performing organization than their counterparts. Other research shows that great managers can ac…Read more »

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Attorney Panel Discussion: Effective Terminations & Other Adverse Actions

Generally, employment in the state of Arkansas is at-will. Discharging an employee is difficult enough without the additional stress of a lawsuit for wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, or other claims under federal and state employmen…Read more »

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The Critical Relationship Between the CEO & HR

All over the world, CEOs are meeting with their most trusted leaders to develop strategies that will help them to successfully emerge from the Covid pandemic. A strong relationship between HR and the CEO is an invaluable asset  for this to happe…Read more »

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The Importance of HR to an Organization

HR plays a key role in developing, reinforcing and changing the culture of an organization.  This is no different than for a school district.  HR is necessary to develop appropriate and relevant practices and ensuring the alignment of those…Read more »

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The Next Generation of Solutions: Employer Collaboration with Colleges & Universities

In this session, Dr. Smothers will enlighten attendees on how colleges and universities contribute to workforce success and how partnerships with employers assist higher education institutions with ensuring meaningful employment opportunities for the…Read more »

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You've Got THIS: Resilience for Today's Workforce

We all became more 'Resilient', now what? How do we use that new strength for future success! Best-selling Author, Nina Sossamon-Pogue, a former USA Gymnast, Emmy-winning News Anchor, and Tech Executive, shows us how we each react to change and share…Read more »

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“Aim HigheR” with Your Forms I-9
by Sheila Moss, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

There are all sorts of new things being considered for the Form I-9, and there are (as always) all sorts of complications in achieving compliance.  Let’s see what you know about I-9 in this highly interactive session!  Bring everythin…Read more »

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Becoming an HR Leader of Influence
by Pam Green, MBA, SPHR, PCC, ICC

Today's leaders must not only have the talent, skills, and abilities to lead at senior levels, but they must also have essential cognitive capabilities that help them manage, lead, and influence change. Pamela will discuss the high-performance leader…Read more »

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Building Trust Through Payroll
by Alaina Papen

In this session, we will be discussing how employers can give full transparency and trust through payroll by allowing employees the visibility to see their paycheck prior to payroll being submitted. This creates a culture of transparency and a signif…Read more »

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Compensation Tips for HR Professionals
by Angelia McKenney, SHRM-SCP

The pandemic has shifted the way people live and work. In these times of high labor demands, many organizations are wrestling with how to attract, compensate and retain the best and brightest employees. HR must be prepared to lead organizations throu…Read more »

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Conducting Effective HR Investigations
by Kathleen McComber, MA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CCP, CBP

Conducting workplace human resource investigations is one of the most challenging duties that HR professionals must take on. Workforce demographics are shifting. New laws are constantly popping up. Managers make mistakes because they aren’t pro…Read more »

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CPG Industry Best Practice & Strategies for Recruiting Ultra-Competitive Markets
by Scott Crossett

The cost of doing business is currently high, but cheaper than being cheap.  In the current state of recruiting, you are likely witnessing or experiencing the cause and effect-snowball of good and bad hires.  In this session, we will discus…Read more »

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Diversity: An Ethical Imperative
by Tina Gilbert

There is strength in unity. However, there is strength in diversity which fosters innovation and enhances performance. Inclusion, in a nutshell, is the sense of belonging. As a leader who promotes Diversity and Inclusion, understands it is essential …Read more »

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Engaging in the Interactive ADA Process
by Glenda Caton, SHRM-SCP

In this session, we will walk through six steps to successfully engage in the Interactive Process and develop ways to ensure that we are conducting the process in an objective and comprehensive manner as it relates to each individual and the conditio…Read more »

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FSA/HSA/HRA Comparisons
by Carrie Stout

Healthcare accounts are not all created equal. This presentation will go in depth of the differences between HSAs, HRAs and FSAs. The accounts are not a one size fits all and find out how these accounts can help your organization and employees. Ke…Read more »

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Go Deep to Climb High: Bridging the Gap Between Corporate Culture and Front-Line Managers
by Bethany Gaboury, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

Join us on a journey up a mountain path to your Corporate Culture and find out where some gaps may be that are keeping front-line managers and supervisors from being on the same page with how you want and expect your employees to be managed. This jou…Read more »

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High Times in Arkansas: Workplace Perspectives on Recreational and Medical Marijuana
by Stuart Jackson, J.D.Tangelia Clary-Marshall

In this session, Tangelia and Stuart will discuss the looming vote on recreational marijuana, how recreational marijuana might impact the Arkansas workplace, and the essential things employers already should be doing in terms of medical marijuana.&nb…Read more »

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How the Attitudinal Qualities of Mindfulness Support DE&I
by Kerrie Lauck, Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator

The workshop “How the Attitudinal Qualities of Mindfulness Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” addresses the importance of the application of mindfulness to a diversity, equity, and inclusion program. Mindfulness creates a more cond…Read more »

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How to Reach Your Full HR Potential
by Monic Isom, SHRM-CP

Always be willing to invest in yourself. Don't be afraid to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Look for opportunities to grow and develop yourself. Set both short and long-term goals, put them in writing with a realistic time frame. In the human…Read more »

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HR Leadership Takes Head & Heart
by Marina Mueller, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

Many of the options we face in life, love and leadership aren’t limited to an either/or choice.  Many times, if we dig a little deeper, we’ll see a generous range of both head and heard opportunities.  It is best to form a partn…Read more »

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Preparing for Communicable Diseases
by Keneasha Scott

Employers have a duty of care to provide a safe work environment. This session will help employers to prepare for communicable diseases in a manner that reduces workplace interruptions while keeping workers safe.  We will discuss ways to take ad…Read more »

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Reviving a Safety Committee after COVID
by Clark Thomas

This presentation will provide insight into why the absence of a Safety Committee may result in human suffering, loss of income, productivity, company image in the community, and impact on a company’s revenue. Additionally recommended steps …Read more »

Safe Terminations: Best Practices for High Risk Terminations
by Doug Elms, PPS®, PMP®, LSS-GB®

With Active Shooters ravaging our communities, on average once every 47 days, Human Resources Managers must learn the warning signs of potentially violent situations, how to not make an already bad situation even worse, techniques to de-escalate emot…Read more »

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Strategic HR is Not an Oxymoron
by Jason Thurman

Strategic HR is not a group of self-contradicting words.  In an effort to truly be leaders at their respective organizations, HR professionals are finding more ways to spend time on strategic initiatives and less time on transactional items. &nb…Read more »

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Strategic Readiness and Strategic Expenditures
by Dr. Mario Wallace, Ph.D.

The Strategic Readiness and Strategic Expenditures (StratEx) examine the contractual role that Human Resources play in an organization. The workshop is designed to show leaders how to practically align talent to a strategic plan, augment technology t…Read more »

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Strategies to Take Your Pay Practices HigheR
by Tim Orellano, PHR, SHRM-CPLynn Clements, J.D.

Remember the game show “The Price is Right,” this presentation will address lessons learned from OFCCP compensation audits that all employers can apply to their pay practices. We will explore the implications of the great resignation on p…Read more »

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The Future of Work: Being a Talent Magnet
by Jim Corter

In this session, we lean on the expertise of an HR mentor for many in the state of Arkansas.   He will discuss how HR leaders can be a talent magnet and attract and retain employees to their respective organizations.  He will challenge the …Read more »

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The Modern-Day Fiduciary
by Brennan McCutchenJonnathan Davis, AIF

What is the right formula for being a great Fiduciary in 2022? How can being a great Fiduciary in 2022 make a positive impact on a company's culture and its employees lives? Brennan McCutchen and Jonnathan Davis, Managing Partners of Prime Capital In…Read more »

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Three Generations of HR
by Minnie LenoxMelody LenoxBrian Lenox

In this session, attendees will hear from a mother, a daughter and a grandson who are all acclaimed HR professionals. The world of work has changed dramatically over the years, shaped by advances in technology, recessions, and various shifts in thoug…Read more »

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