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Arkansas SHRM 2024 HR Conference & Expo • October 21-23 • Hot Springs, Arkansas

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Sessions, Programs & Keynotes


Why You Should Strive to Make Your Organization a Great Place to Work and Great Place to Be From
by John Ferguson

Join this dynamic session as John will discuss and highlight the following areas that are imperative to organizational growth and efficiency: • What makes a company a great place to work and a great place to be from • Understanding multiple…Read more »

From Traditional to Transformational: Disrupting HR to Thrive in the New Era of Work
by Jennifer McClure

The future of work has been disrupted, not only regarding long-standing trends but also by the unforeseen seismic shifts of 2020. HR leaders were thrust into a global experiment, requiring a complete reimagining of people, technology, culture, and le…Read more »

Managing the Game of Business
by Quinn GroveyTim Orellano

In this session, Tim Orellano will facilitate a fireside chat with Quinn Grovey, one of the winningest quarterbacks in Arkansas Razorback history.  They will discuss how Quinn translated success on the football field to a successful career in HR…Read more »


Attorney Panel - Ethics Discussion

Conflicts of interest, confidentiality, duty of loyalty, whistleblowing, and potentially illegal instructions from leadership – these are a few of the critical ethical issues that human resource professionals confront in their jobs.  The e…Read more »

Creating Generational Impact

Like most of the United States, Arkansas needs a much stronger and inclusive workforce development system to effectively serve workers in need of skill enhancement, who are employed, underemployed and unemployed.  This system must also have a st…Read more »

Socially Intelligent Leadership: Can You Read the Room?

Understanding our preferred modes of behavior is essential, yet without self-awareness, we may overlook how our actions impact others. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery, and see how the things we learn about ourselves give us the tools to R…Read more »


Accommodations in the Workplace: More Than Just Disabilities
by Daveante Jones

In this session, Daveante Jones of Wright Lindsey Jennings Labor & Employment law team will discuss the duty to accommodate your employees under a variety of laws for a variety of reasons, including the accommodation of disabilities, sincerely-he…Read more »

Active Shooter Awareness and Response Strategies
by Logan Lee

We will introduce Escape, Barricade, and Defend. Run, Hide, and Fight is not a strategy we subscribe to! Running doesn't tell people how to get out, where to go, and what to do when they get, that's why we teach places to Escape. Hiding only dictates…Read more »

Activism at Work: How HR Should Navigate Employee Rights vs Civility in the Age of Social Consciousness
by Janie Warner

In today's society, technology has made information available to everyone who has is interested enough to look for it. Opinions on all sorts of topics from politics to climate to social justice (to name just a few) are regularly exchanged on social m…Read more »

Alice @Work...
by Abby Hughes HolsclawMollie Palmer

ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) is the essential workforce we rely on every day. These workers are critical to keep our businesses, our economy, and our households running, yet they do not earn enough to afford their family’…Read more »

Arkansas Workforce Strategy
by Mike Rogers

Overview or the State's Workforce Strategy.…Read more »

Cognitive Diversity- Understanding Different Thinking Styles
by Lei Comerford

Join us for this informative session where we will introduce Herrmann’s Whole Brain Model and four unique thinking styles. You will have the opportunity to identify which is most dominant for you and learn how to pick up on clues that others gi…Read more »

Demystifying High Tech Hiring
by Karl Schubert, Ph.D.Judith Tavano, SHRM-SCP

In today’s complex high-tech ecosystem, hiring managers and candidates expect that HR professionals understand the competencies of high-tech roles and have the ability to screen and rank candidates against job requirements, organizational goals…Read more »

Embracing Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace
by Maggie Young

The presentation delves into “Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace” as a business critical issue, exploring its definition and the spectrum of workplace challenges, all with the goal of improving recruitment and retention. It addr…Read more »

Empowering Inclusion Solutions Through Effective Change Management Strategies
by Rachel Jessen

Participants will explore the fusion of DEIB with the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and the ADKAR change management methodologies. They will discover how AI leverages strengths & opportunities, while ADKAR guides individual change. The session will a…Read more »

Ensuring Safety Compliance with a Lebron James Workforce while still using a Michael Jordan Compliance Program
by Keneasha Scott

It will address how the implementation of this program will need to take into consideration the different generations at work, how these generations learn and apply, as well as what motivates, demotivates, and deters them from being safe on the job.…Read more »

Examining the Multigenerational Workforce: What Workers Want and What it Means for Employers
by Patrick Strack

With four generations of professionals in the workplace today, each group, shaped by different experiences and trends, has its own general preferences, priorities and needs. This presentation will highlight key facts about today’s workforce and…Read more »

From Toxic to Thriving: HR Strategies for Cultivating a Positive Workplace
by Erin Scoggins

This workshop teaches participants to recognize signs of toxic work cultures and how to proactively resolve issues. It highlights HR's pivotal role in preventing toxic environments, through proactive intervention and open communication. Attendees wil…Read more »

How to Transform Bosses into Leaders
by Mack Munro

Effective managers are key to any organization succeeding. Strategic leaders bring a strategic edge to your organization. Transforming successful managers into strategic leaders through training and development is key. Learn how to build the basic sk…Read more »

Igniting Success through Emotional Intelligence
by Tina Gilbert

Join us for a captivating exploration into "Igniting Success through Emotional Intelligence." Discover the power of EQ in this transformative session tailored for HR professionals. Through engaging stories and actionable strategies, unlock the keys t…Read more »

Inclusion Reimagined: The Truth About Inclusion in the Workplace
by Shalynne Jackson

Explore and clarify what Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) in the workplace is and isn't and dispel common misconceptions. Like, no, I&D is not about reverse discrimination. Everyone wins in Inclusive, Equitable environments! You’ll gain …Read more »

Influence without Irritation: How to lead others to flourish
by Matt Johnson

In this session, listeners discover how to wield influence at work regardless of their job title. By mastering three crucial emotional intelligence techniques, they'll learn how to make their ideas heard, build meaningful connections across the workp…Read more »

Leading an I-9 Compliant Workforce
by Sheila Moss

Let’s see what you know about the Form I-9 in this highly interactive session! Bring everything you know, and ask everything you want to know. Be sure to bring your mobile device with internet access to “play” along with the present…Read more »

Leveraging AI in HR Management: Strategies for Competitive Advantage
by Lei Comerford

Step into the future of HR with our interactive session, "Leveraging AI in HR Management: Strategies for Competitive Advantage." Discover how generative AI can revolutionize your HR practices, enhance decision-making, and drive organizational success…Read more »

Making Sense of Personality Assessment
by Judy Lohmar

Personality assessments comprise a roughly $2 billion industry according to some sources. What is their appeal? How are they used in modern workplaces? Are they effective when used to enhance team dynamics, talent development, and hiring decisions? T…Read more »

Mastering Your Compensation Strategy: Exploring Job Evaluation, Pay Transparency, and Pay Equity in Today's Workforce Environment
by Melissa MacMillan

In today’s environment, employee needs evolve and change quickly. There is a correlation in engaging employees as well as supporting the needs of your company, including regulatory needs. To attract talent and keep employees happy you need a st…Read more »

Moving on up: Career advancement for HR & recruiting professionals
by Bethany Wallace

Want to seek greater career fulfillment and success within HR and recruiting? This session, led by Bethany Wallace, will provide you with multiple tools to add to your career advancement toolbox and encourage you to prepare well for career advancemen…Read more »

Myths & Misconceptions about Employer Health Plans
by Dave Ross

Although many popular ideas about medical plans are based on truths, the complicated issues involved are often misunderstood or oversimplified to the point of being false or misleading. This seminar seeks to provide a deeper understanding of how many…Read more »

Retaining Young Talent: Strategies for Success
by Gina Smith

In today's competitive job market, baby boomers are retiring in droves and retaining young talent is crucial for organizational success. This presentation will delve into effective strategies to attract and retain the younger workforce. We'll explore…Read more »

Stand Out and Lead: The Art of Executive Presence
by Beth PittmanChristie Martin

With today's more casual approach to the workplace, attendees will learn how to recognize and develop executive presence within themselves and their organizations, fostering a culture of strong leadership.…Read more »

Strategies for Addressing Sensitive Topics (Bias, Privilege, and Emotional Tax)
by Kimberley Gordon

While DEI programs may be under siege, HR professionals know the concerns related to barriers to opportunity are many. Creating a workplace culture where sensitive topics can safely be explored means more than just affinity programs and corporate mes…Read more »

The Origins and Evolution of the Most Misused Drug in Arkansas
by Phillip McClure

Every community in our state is affected by methamphetamine misuse. We are the most affected state in the country when it comes to this dangerous drug. So where did it come from? And how has it become what it is now? Discover the origins and evolutio…Read more »

The Talent Pipeline: Cultivating a Sustainable Approach to Acquisition
by Colby Wilson

Highlighting the importance of proactive recruitment and nurturing relationships with potential candidates, this presentation emphasizes sustainable practices in talent acquisition. By investing in continuous engagement, skill development, and divers…Read more »

The Tough Stuff: Communication & Conflict 
by Steven Shook

We all know how important communication is to building strong and effective teams, but it’s also one of the things that gets us in the most trouble. Nonverbal communication, unclear communication, over-co…Read more »

Unlocking Wellbeing: 5 Strategies to Enhancing Employee Mental Health
by Michael Dickerson

Discover the key strategies and insights that empower your organization to create a positive and thriving workplace environment. We will delve into the importance of employee mental health, explore practical approaches to wellbeing, and discuss how t…Read more »

What to Know When Hiring a Security Company
by Tim Keck

You want to protect your people and your brand, and guard against liability. Is outsourcing the right move? And how do you select the right security company? If you choose the wrong vendor, you may increase your potential liability because not all se…Read more »

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